What Is Strong Future International and Zing Network?

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What Is Strong Future International and Zing Network?

Nov 1, 2018 SFI Programs by admin

Strong Future International and the related Zing Network are shaking up the retail sales space. SFI or Strong Future International is an affiliate marketing program for the Zing Network of websites offered by parent company Carson Services of Lincoln Nebraska, owned by Gery and Bonnie Carson. SFI has been in operation since November 1998 and will Celebrate 20 years of business in affiliate and network marketing on Thanksgiving Day 2018.

What are the sites of the Zing Network?

The following sites and brands are the active list as of 10/31/2018 with additions planned.

Strong Future International

SFI Strong Future InternationalSFI or Strong Future International houses a powerful 12 tier network marketing affiliate programs. The system is free of charge and allows you to earn commission overrides for building a sales generating team of affiliates below you. Sales are made through any Zing Network property and there is no fee to get started and no requirement to purchase anything to start your own home business with Strong Future International.

TripleClicks Online Retail Mall

TripleClicks is the flagship of the Zing Network boasting hundreds of privately stores from around the world serving over 3,000 products and growing. All of these products pay commissions. In addition, TripleClicks offers two powerful auction sites and houses Eager Zebra Games.

Price Benders Auctions

Price Benders is a penny auction format allowing members to use purchased bid credits to bid on items raising the final price by 1 penny at a time. PB Auctions have boasted winnings such as Chromebooks for under $10 and IPad for under $35 by auction win. Please note these prices in some cases are plus the price of bids though some auctions are winner bids free.

Astro Auctions are a Zing Network one of a kind auction format.

Astro Auctions are blind silent auctions where you bid a number of bids in most cases not knowing what is bid by other members. What makes these auctions unique is that you never lose on Astro Auctions. Every bid on Astro Auctions wins you prize and you can even get all of your bid back except a 1 t-credit (Auction Bid) kept as a service fee. Prizes for bids range from Rewardical Rewards Points to In-Game items for Eager Zebra Games, and other great prizes like Daily Crown drawing entries that could win you a $20 gift certificate for any product on TripleClicks.

Eager Zebra Games

A Growing list of games including Fantasy Sports, Trivia, Card Games, Word Games, and our popular predictions game Time Machine. You can win prizes ranging from additional Daily Crown Drawing entries to Auction bids and game add-ons, or ever Rewardicals that can be used to buy other things inside and outside the Zing Network including donating to charity or cash out via Bitcoin.

Rewardical Search Engine and Rewards Network

Rewardical is one of two search engines offered by Zing Network that promotes websites using Rewardicals are tokens to reward members for shopping with them. A Rewardcal token is earned and can be applied towards prizes, gifts, charitable donations and even cashed out in Bitcoin making it the perfect Rewards Program. Shoppers love earning Rewardicals as a free bonus to their purchase. Merchants love Rewardicals as a low cost ( as low as 5% of transaction ) means to generate new traffic to their websites, new sales, and above all increase the number of repeat customers.

To get 25 Free Rewardicals and start earning Bitcoin and Prizes for your online shopping visit the link below and enter the provided promo code.

https://easyrewards247.com Promo Code: b1a977

To sign your business up free and start offering Rewardicals today you can visit this link and sign your business up. There is no cost to participate, no integration required, just mention the fact you offer Rewardicals with every $20 spent on your site and pay only after sales are generated and confirmed. It takes minutes to sign up and claim your free search engine listing that puts your site in front of nearly 9 million users and growing.

Localvantia Search

Like Rewardical this search list businesses that offer Rewardicals with your purchases. Unlike the Rewardical search engine, these businesses are 100% local and offline. Imagine being able to keep your dollars spent in your hometown, create local jobs, and boost your cities and towns while earning Bitcoin and other free rewards? Strong Future International members refer users to
Rewardical and Merchants to Localvantia and earn matching Rewardicals based on a percentage of each Rewardical issued. If one merchant at Localvantia, for example, issues 10,000 Rewardicals a month you would get 1,000 read to exchange Rewardicals for the referral. Remember these can be used for gift items including business building referrals and even cashed out in Bitcoin Rewards. Bitcoin is an international form of payment and can be converted to cash or held as an investment.

Summary of Strong Future International and the Zing Network Overview

Each of these programs to the public provides retail rewards, retail savings, auction services, great games, and the opportunity to get something back or give something to charity just for shopping through the Zing Network. Members who choose to participate in any site need only log in with their zing network ID and begin their new journey. Strong Future International is the world’s second largest affiliate program with over 1.6 million affiliates and paying millions of dollars in annual commissions. Earn a monthly check from a legitimate work at home opportunity today. Click here to sign up for SFI.


This review is written by Strong Future International and Zing Network member/affiliate Andy Zeus Anderson who is in his 7th year as an affiliate for SFI. Andy has been building a profitable team and is an expert internet marketing trainer capable of generating massive traffic and interest in any program. See more of Andy’s work at Affiliate 3 Percent.

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