Privacy Policy Created 09-03-2018 uses 3rd party advertising for income generation. These companies often collect generic and non-identifying information such as site visits, page views, purchase completion, and affiliate assignments. Further disclosures of data collected by the site will be made on the site of the advertiser or affiliate marketing company. We do not house or request such data on Affiliate 3 Percent and have no control over the information gained or how it’s used though advertisers are screened for quality and reputation before selection.

E-mail Privacy ( our newsletter and related forum and program)

Your e-mail is secure from sale, trade, or other sharing by our privacy policy. We will never send you commercial e-mails without your consent. By signing up for our e-mail newsletter you are providing commercial consent to send you updates, training, and occasional special offers. You may always click the unsubscribe link in any e-mail from us to be immediately removed from our e-mail list.

SPAM policy

No affiliate/member/author of this program may ever use unsolicited electronic communications including phone, e-mail, or social media to send you a commercial offer from our site. If an affiliate is doing this type of action please provide us details and include the affiliate link and affiliate name to us via the form on our contact page. We care about your privacy and will immediately suspend any account found to be in violation of this policy.

Data retention:

E-mail marketing data such as is requested on our sign up form for the Affiliate 3 Percent Newsletter is collected and held by an off-site secure e-mail marketing program known as a Autoresponder or Bulk Email Marketing program, currently Rocket Responder. Its use is commercial solicitation and friendly reminders of new content on our websites and blogs through the Affiliate 3 Percent Newsletter. Offers are vetted for quality but in no manner should you choose to join any program or make any purchase without your own due diligence.